Geometry and Topology in Electronic Structure Theory  2022-23

Background Material

         Lecture Notes

          SISSA Lecture Notes (Obsolete and incomplete, 1996)

       A Primer on Polarization Theory (by N. Spaldin, 2012)

        Selected IFM  exercises

        Notes on  Drude  theory

        Notes on  density matrices

       Lecture1: Introduction

      Lecture2: IQHE

      Lecture3: Berry-phase

       Lecture4: Aharonov-Bohm

       Lecture5: Transport

        Lecture6: Z*

        Lecture7: Polarization

       Lecture7bis: Conductivity

        Lecture8: Insulators1
       Lecture9: Insulators2

        Lecture10: AHE
        Lecture11: Magnetization1

       Lecture12: Magnetization2
        Lecture13: Synopsis

        Lecture14: Synopsis2