Antimo Marrazzo is a computational condensed-matter physicist and materials scientist working on the theory and simulation of materials, with a focus on topological insulators, two-dimensional materials and electronic-structure theory. He obtained his BSc and MSc in Physics cum laude at University of Trieste (Italy) in 2013 and 2015 respectively, with a thesis on the Local Properties of the Orbital Magnetization, the Anomalous Hall Effect and the Localization Tensor in Magnetic Metals. In October 2015 he moved to the group of Nicola Marzari at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland) where got his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering in November 2019, with a thesis on Electronic Structure and Topology of Novel Materials, winning the 2020 EPFL Doctoral Program Thesis Distinction (awarded to the 8% best PhD thesis) and the SAIS prize 2021. He stayed at EPFL as a post-doc with Nicola Marzari until 2020 and in April 2021 he started as a junior assistant professor (RTDa) at the Physics Department of University of Trieste. He has 13 publications, more than half as first-author, including 4 Physical Review Letters, 2 Nano Letters and 1 Nature Nanotechnology, with more than 1100 citations and an h-index of 10 (source Web of Science).