Interesting chess sites on the Net

This is my personal choice of sites, so no pretence of completeness. For a larger choice, you may browse the list of the 100 hottest chess websites.

The Chess FAQ lists

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Web pages

  • "Top 100 chess sites"

    Archives etc.

    Commercial sites

    These sites may or may not charge a fee. Normally they have at least a free section with games, info etc..

    Magazines & newspaper columns

    Personal Pages

    Chess Trivia

    Organizations and clubs

    Chess servers

    Here you can play over the Net. They are accessible via telnet (use port 5000 if not otherwise specified). Further information is available. Your results will be better if you use a graphic interface, I found that xboard is not bad... and it's freeware!

    Internet Chess Clubs

    • This is a pay service, but guests can log in free to play unrated games and use most of the other features.

    Free International Chess Servers

    The FICS do not currently have all the features of the ICC, but there is no charge for usage.

    Chess newsgroups

    International groups

    National groups

    Gnu chess

    Other groups