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Selected Internet Tools

WWW Search engine
* Google

Specialized Search engine
* International White and Yellow Pages
* Elenco Telefonico Italiano (VIRGILIO)


* Google Groups - Searching in newsgroups discussion

Frequently Asked Questions
* FAQ at http://bertola.eu/usenet/faq [Archivio FAQ italiane]
* FAQ at www.faqs.org

FTP Search
* Tucows
* shareware.com

Mailing list
* Mailing list Italiane
* Search Groups

* Merriam-Webster Online - Dictionary -Thesaurus
* The free encyclopedia
*Il dizionario italiano on-line Garzanti
* Acronym Dictionary - English
* A dictionary of Slang and Colloquialism (UK)
* OneLook Dictionary Search For a Word or Acronym in a Dictionary or Glossary
* Altavista Translation Service (English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish).
* Measurements Conversion Calculator
* International Time Zones Comprehensive table with the time difference between the USA and the rest of the world
* Nslookup Gateway
*Text to Ascii Art generator
*Banca Dati Sanitaria Farmaceutica

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