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Physics at electron-positron high energy colliders

Prof. Claudio Verzegnassi, Full Professor

In the framework of the theoretical investigations related to the planned experimental searches at the projected new electron-positron Linear Collider (LC), we have analyzed the production, for c.m. energies of the TEV size , of couples of supersymmetric scalars (sfermions, Higgs bosons) in the Minimal Supersimmetric Standard Model. This analysis has been performed in an assumed asymptotic energy regime, using a Sudakov expansion to subleading logarithmic accuracy, both at one loop and to all orders. For charged Higgs bosons we have also performed a complete one-loop calculation, usinf the SESAMO program that is available. This has allowed to compare the exact calculation with an "effective" Sudakov expansion including also a next-to subleading constant term to be numerically fitted, so as to obtain in a simplified way stringent precision tests of the model. The results of oue comparison are rather encouraging, and the extension of the method to different production processes (neutral Higgses, charginos, neutralinos) predicted by the model is in progress.


With the groups of Lecce (Beccaria), Montpellier (Renard, Djouadi) and Vienna (Bartl, Eberl, Majerotto).

Author: G. Pastore
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