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High energy hadronic and nuclear reactions

Prof. Daniele Treleani, Full Professor

The main topics of this activity are the following:

a) jet production in high energy hadronic and nuclear collision, with particular attention to the Cronin effect, namely the deformation of the spectrum of jets produced in hadron-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus interactions, due to semi-hard re-scatterings of high p_t partons propagating through the nuclear medium;

b) study of the hadron structure through multiple parton interactions in hadron-hadron and hadron-nucleus collisions;

c) evaluation of the expected rates of multiple production of pairs of heavy quarks in hadronic and nuclear interactions al the LHC, within the acceptance of the ALICE and LHCb calorimeters. This activity is pursued in collaboration with the ALICE experiment at CERN.


Author: G. Pastore
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