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Production of light particles in very strong magnetic fields

Prof. Giorgio Calucci, Full Professor

The aim of the research is the investigation of some properties of the quantum vacuum, the phenomenological motivation lies in the possibility that extremely high field may exist around some astrophysical objects and that they can be relevant in the generation of the so called Gamma-ray bursts. The starting point is the theoretical study of the production of e(-),e(+) pairs in very intense and non-stationary magnetic fields. Both the variation in strength and the variation in direction of these fields were considered and the first conclusion was that the change in direction is more effective in the production process. Since however what is really observed is the photon flux the production of gamma rays both through annihilation of the produced e(-),e(+) pairs and directly, by the nonlinear effects in QED: the two ways of production result in different spectra of the produced photons. The further production mechanism, through Bremsstrahlung by the produced e(-),e(+) pairs is at present under investigation. Since there is a general consensus on the existence of massive neutrinos, which are therefore not eigenstates of chirality, the production of neutrino through the interaction of an anomalous momentum with strong magnetic fiels have been examined: since the relevant dimensional paremeter in in any case the W-mass the production is not relevant. The astrophysical motivation of the research has suggested an investigation of the joint effects of magnetic and gravitational field: some results have been obtained but this research is not yet completed.


Author: G. Pastore
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